Friday 25 January 2013

The Fine Gael Pro-life 15

Which TDs in Fine Gael might be considered pro-life and might be supported to vote against abortion legislation?

In Dublin, Lucinda Creighton, Peter Mathews, Derek Keating and Terence Flanagan;

In Leinster, James Bannon, John-Paul Phelan and Billy Timmins;

In Connaught-Ulster, John O'Mahony, Michelle Mulherin, Brian Walsh and Tony McLoughlin;

In Munster, Pat Breen, Tom Hayes, Michael Creed, Patrick O'Donovan and John Deasy.

It is vital that these TDs be supported, not threatened, not lectured, not put under inappropriate pressure, but supported, encouraged, prayed for.  If you can talk to them, do so, thanking them for their support and if you can engage them on the issue of abortion and suicide.  This is the key area as this is the only area that involves direct abortion rather than medical treatment.  Balance the question of slippery slope regulation (anyone can pretend to be suicidal and experience from UK is clear that women will lie and doctors will lie - doctors who support direct abortion will generally have no qualms about adjusting forms to support women who want abortion) with the simple moral position that it is wrong to destroy even one innocent life when it is unnecessary.  Keep calm and respectful at all times, even if you feel angry.

On the question of Enda Kenny, no one in the pro-life movement believes or trusts him.  But remember to Fine Gaelers he is the chief and a lot of them trust him, trust his judgment, his former pro-life credentials, basic decency etc. (Ed. did they never hear his ridiculous attack on the Pope and his closure of the embassy?).  So best not to go in swinging.  Gently suggest his is mistaken, perhaps confused on the issue.

But do end with a clear appeal, to influence legislation before it is too late, and if the legislation turns out (as likely) to involve direct abortion, appeal to their conscience, that this is the moment of truth for them as individuals, bigger than politics or party.  This is their St Thomas More moment.

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