Wednesday 16 January 2013

Stop moaning and start praying

While attendance at the Rally for Life at Merrion Square, Dublin on Saturday 19th January at 4.30pm is vital, so is ongoing prayer.  Get going.

Mary, Immaculate Conception, bright dawn of the new millennium, we consecrate our country and all its people to your heart this day.

Intercede for the cause of life that is so threatened in our land.

Move us to raise our voice for the voiceless and defenceless.

Give us love for our enemies and soften the hearts of those who oppose life.

Grant healing to all your daughters who in fear and trembling rejected the gift of life within them. May they know the peace and forgiveness of your Son, Jesus.

And may all who hold political power in our land be given the grace to see with new eyes the humanity and dignity of the unborn child and to have the courage to speak boldly in the defence of life.

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