Friday 18 January 2013

Going, going...

Well rumours were abounding last week but I promised sources I'd say nothing but it's all over Twitter tonight that there's to be an announcement tomorrow about Sean Cardinal Brady's retirement and the appointment of a coadjutor.

The name most often mentioned is Noel Treanor, currently Bishop of Down and Connor.

It could also be timely to announce the coming together of Down and Connor and Dromore into one super diocese.


  1. With the appointment of Eamon Martin it is time to realise that there will be no amalgamation of dioceses, and no new approach to the appointment of bishops. +Martin is a company man, deeply involved with the episcopal conference as well as his own native diocese.

  2. I fear, Cathal, you are correct. I know nothing personally about the new bishop elect, but his CV is almost identical to so many previous incumbents and his link with the episcopal conference particularly worrying. Where did the notion come that being a head master or a secretary would make someone a good bishop?