Wednesday 30 January 2013

Confession- looking into the eyes of God

Just thinking of our strange interplay of Church and State in Ireland.  Politicians keep declaring that this is a "Republic" with a big capital R and a confused notion that being a republic implies secular, agnostic, anti-Catholic etc. when in fact in our constitution all powers in the State come from the people "under God". 

And yet they seem to claim a special seat at church services.  At the recent episcopal ordination in Cobh Cathedral both the President and Taoiseach were represented by their Aides-de-camp.  Why were they invited in the first place?  Will this continue post abortion-legislation?

Tomorrow's Irish Catholic has a story about the launch of a new book, "Confession:  looking into the eyes of God", by Fr Paul Farren.  For some reason Minister Simon Coveney is there.  Perhaps he's a friend or relative.  But here's the thing.  Speaking at the launch he "described himself as a Catholic and a regular Massgoeer but admitted he had not been to confession in quite a few years".

It would have been great if he had then continued that his book had inspired him to return to the sacrament.  Alas not.  What he did say was:

"This book talks about how confession is not about the procedure but about what is in your own head.  This is powerful stuff, which gets you thinking more about your relationship with yourself.  It challenges the decisions we make."

Interesting, but hardly Catholic. 

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