Tuesday 22 January 2013

Notice to quit

A friend of mine was telling me she put up a poster advertising the Rally for Life on a communal notice board in work.  It was a board used for everything from ads for painters, charities, Rape Crisis Centre, yoga, people selling cars, upcoming shows in amateur dramatics.  The sort of notice board that many workplaces have.  In most cases the notices stay up long after the event until someone needs the tack and takes them down.  But in this case the Rally for Life poster was removed within half a day.  Róisín Bán.

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  1. See Mr Justice Scalia of the US Supreme Court wearing his Roisin Ban at the inauguration of President Obama!!! - a replica of the hat worn by St Thomas More in the famous Holbien portrait, presented to him by the Thomas More Society in honour of his upholding truth and justice (Sancte Pater's, Fr Z's blog ...)