Monday 21 January 2013

You raise me up

Fans of The Priests are heartbroken at suggestions circulating that one of the members may break up the pop group (Ed: classical group surely?) to pursue a solo career.

According to well placed sources, Fr Eugene O'Hagan may be leaving soon to take up a position as Bishop of Derry.

Fr Eugene is popular, a good communicator and an experienced canon lawyer, a role which the Apostolic Visitation said needed to be strengthened.

The world of music's loss would surely be Derry's gain.


  1. Really? I've been hearing Brian Farrell, the Legionary of Christ bishop working in the Vatican.

  2. Doubt it. Too old and too Legion.

  3. Niall Coll of St Mary's College, Belfast is being mentioned as a strong candidate for Derry.

  4. Could fit the bill, including not being from the diocese in question. His head's a bit round though.