Saturday 19 January 2013

Róisín Bán - We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience.

Róisín Bán?  The small white rose.

Those of you familiar with Sophie and Hans Scholl, Saint Alexander Schmorell (Orthodox), Kurt Huber, Willi Graf and Christoph Probst will know exactly what it refers to and what it can mean in the context of Ireland.  When did our country begin its decline?  Someone asked me that today.  I don't know the answer.  But things have not been right for a long time.

This afternoon is our opportunity to be part of the resistance, to say publicly that we will not silently acquiesce in the destruction of our country, that we will be a new White Rose, a Róisín Bán for our time and place.  Do whatever you can.  Talk to people, wear Precious Feet or a cross on your clothing.  Write letters, blogs, tweets.  Wear a Róisín Bán and tell people what it stands for.  Display it on your own blogs (copy the image on the right if you like).  Be the conscience for other people.

Merrion Square, Dublin, Saturday 19th January at 4.30pm.  

Don't mind the wind, the rain or snow, 
We need you there, you have to go.

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  1. Very impressed with the White Rose and your ressurecting of the memory of the Shcoll's whom along with their companions in the White Rose group were executed for opposing the tyranny or National Socialism.