Wednesday 20 February 2013

Vile Rag slates Auld Bag and Drag Slag who nag Royal WAG

The virtually unreadable (IMHO) Hilary Mantel has had a go at the beloved Princess William - or, as she claims, those who created her.

The Daily Mail is unhappy - well the A.N. Wilson half of the story is unhappy - the recently censored by the Observer, transexualaphobe Julie Burchill takes a more supportive line.

All good fun of course because Kate isn't a real person who is likely to be hurt by nasty comments made about her, is she?


  1. Ever considered subbing for The Sun, Catholicus?

  2. Spot on about Mantel being an auld bag. Is'nt she a cheer leader for the equally vile QE1.