Monday 4 February 2013

Update on post on Fr Z

By way of update to my recent post on Fr Z and the contempt shown for the Ordinary Form of the Mass.  I see that he has removed my second comment.

Remember all those who used to attack the cult of Fr Corapi, many of whom were part of the cult of Fr Z?  It's always a problem when you can't accept critical comments (which aren't defamatory or abusive).  People will start to question your openness to the truth.

And before you know it they'll be asking exactly how an American gets to be an unassigned priest of the Diocese of Velletri-Segni and has the time to spend blogging, publishing recipes and photos of his dinner and his bird houses near his Wisconsin home.


  1. There is no good in this. It's not worthy of you.

  2. I see the reverend father is now soliciting donations to fund his latest holiday in Rome. Most of us have to pay for such trips out of hard-earned wages. Priests likewise. But there are enough gullible people in the world, I suppose.

  3. Point well made I think.

  4. Okay, Lynda, it is perhaps a little unworthy of me. But I think there are real questions to answer. Ordination is for ministry either in a diocese or within a religious order of congregation. I'm just not clear what exactly Fr Z was ordained for. The Church doesn't provide for free lance priests. That's the ecclesial question. My other issue is why he feels the need to attack the Ordinary Form so often.