Thursday 14 February 2013

More on Pius XII

I did a post a few days ago about how liberal journalists based on one book have suddenly discovered that Pius XII might not be Jew hater after all.  It was lost in the Pope Resigns chaos.

I lady, Marilyn Mallory, left a comment which I thought I would reproduce here.  She has some comments about the accuracy of the book by Gordon Thomas, while also shamelessly plugging her own book, Pope Pius XII and the Jews - What's True and What's Fiction?.  But sure that's what the internet is for, isn't it?

Her comment below:

Marilyn Mallory13 February 2013 03:34

While I praise Gordon Thomas' general position regarding Pope Pius XII I must correct some glaring errors in his account. He does not give any footnote or endnotes to substantiate his version of events; his book is basically a novel. He lists a lot of books in his bibliography but he fails to point to specific passages in those books which back up what he maintains. For instance, he completely excludes the actual role Pius XII had in stopping the roundup of the Jews on October 16. My book points out that Pius XII sent his nephew Carlo Pacelli to Bishop Hudal, specifically to urge him to write a letter to General Stahel, to stop the roundup. Even Bishop Hudal recorded this in his diary. Pius XII then had Father Pfeiffer take that letter to General Stahel. Stahel wanted to comply but he said that Himmler wouldn't listen to such humanistic arguments. He knew a better way to get Himmler to stop. So he phoned Himmler and argued that if those roundups were to continue there would be a popular uprising in Rome (which was not true) and that furthermore he was going to have to withdraw his troops because they were needed elsewhere. Himmler fell for that lie (for the time being), and stopped the roundup. This is very minutely documented in my book with explicit references to the sources for each detail. This proves that the Pope had a hand in getting the roundup to stop, through his intermediaries Carlo Pacelli and Fr. Pfeiffer.
The version of events which Gordon Thomas gives in this regard is highly inaccurate. There are many other inaccuracies and omissions in Thomas' book, most of which I address in my book, Pope Pius and the Jews – What's Fact and What's Fiction?
Marilyn Mallory.

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