Sunday 3 February 2013

Time to annoy some traddy Catholics

Well I know I shouldn't be encouraging bad behaviour but if you've a spare moment pop along over to Fr Z's site for a spot of commenting.  My first comments below and Fr Z's reactive reply in red.

Folks when you talk about “binning the Novus Ordo” you’re talking about putting the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in a bin! [No. That is NOT what is being said. They desire that the Novus Ordo not be used and that the Usus Antiquior be used instead.] It’s hardly the language or sentiment one would expect of Catholics. It’s called the Ordinary Form for a reason. It’s the main form in ordinary use and the sooner you accept that it isn’t going away the better for you. As for calling protestants heretics and schismatics, it’s time to grow up! [And it is time to curb your hysteria and revive your critical thinking skills.]

My second comment below:

Well pardon my hysteria and lack of critical thought process in understanding “bin” to mean “a receptacle in which to deposit rubbish” as per the Oxford English Dictionary and therefore not an appropriate term to employ in connection with the rite commonly used for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. If a bishop or a Catholic newspaper said it was time to bin the Extraordinary Form this blog would be all over them like a rash.

Lobbing around words like schismatic and heretic, well it’s not Catholic. Go read Unitatis Redintegratio and if you don’t like what it says run off and frolic with your friends in the SSPX.

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