Monday 4 February 2013

Ignatian Spiritual Exercises

A dear friend sent me this link to an online Ignatian Prayer Adventure.  A very supportive way to do the Spiritual Exercises - if you can give the time and space required.

For those who question why a Carmelite would be promoting Ignatian prayer, I would say there is only one type of prayer.  And the more spiritual books I read the more common the approaches seem to be.  Root out sin, proceed with humility, know yourself and you will be in a position to talk to God and hear Him in return.  God can drag you along and come to you when you don't deserve it but you can't make your own short-cuts.

The website has tabs for each day of the first week.  Can't see an easy way to get to week 2, but if you go into the URL you can change the number after "week-" to whichever week you want.

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