Monday 11 February 2013

Cardinal Dolan?

This video clip of Cardinal Dolan this morning shows why he's a great bishop, and, dare I say it, a candidate for the papacy. What a comfortable communicator.

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  1. Hope you were being "caustic" in this comment.

  2. You don't like Cardinal Dolan? Everybody likes Cardinal Dolan, even people who don't like him.

    He could be a very good Pope, I think.

  3. What about Cardinal Philippe Barbarin of Lyons?

  4. I was full of hope when then-Bishop Dolan was made Archbishop of New York. However, I have been very disappointed and saddened by what he has comfortably communicated by various acts and omissions, most flagrant being the highly publicised and shameful invitation of President Obama to the Al Smith dinner, and his honouring of the man responsible for unspeakable evil, prior to his re-election. It communicated a lot, and what it communicated was very bad. What we need, more than ever, in our priests, Bishops and Popes is the willingness to suffer and be vilified in order to fight against evil and uphold the Truth. Those who want to be popular cannot fulfil their awesome duties. They must be ready to be persecuted onto death. It is saints that the Church needs not comfortable communicators. We must pray hard for Pope Benedict and his successor.

  5. Ah Lynda, Lynda. I absolutely agree with not bestowing favours on Obama - but I don't think inviting the two candidates in an election is bestowing favours. Lots of saints have been comfortable communicators by which I meant "good". Dolan is at ease with people and yet still is able to make his points. He's fighting the good fight over Obamacare. You can't have a bishop who sits in the corner and sulks.

    Don't know much about Barbarin. Supports Extraordinary Form and Against Same Sex marriage.