Tuesday 24 September 2013

Stupid things I've said to my kids

I was giving out to my youngest the other day about something - can't remember what it was.  She was giving me grief and refusing to respond to questioning.  I found myself shouting "Don't wait for the translation
" which is, mildly funny if you have a reasonable knowledge of Cold War history, but incomprehensible if you are six.  I didn't try to explain.

In other news, a sad day in the Catholicus Nua household as the last of the gold fish has died (that sound you can hear is my wife singing and dancing with joy at the prospect of no longer having a large, often smelly, fishtank on the counter in the kitchen).  He was quite a fighter and gave us four good years but finally succumbed to a fish bladder condition.  It took him four days to die.  Goldie (or whatever your name was), we'll miss you (welll not really;  maybe a little bit).

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