Tuesday 17 September 2013

More on the sound of silence priests

The talented letter writer, Eric Conway, has a nicely put one in the Irish Times today.

Sir, – As a financially contributing and intellectually convinced member of the Catholic Church, I expect its pastors to believe in and preach that which they signed up to – the core teachings of the church as laid out by the Magisterium. In this context it’s extremely disconcerting to turn on the radio virtually every day and hear a long interview with a “silenced” priest, enunciating half-baked views on various aspects of Catholic teaching. The church authorities obviously are not very adept at silencing dissent. Perhaps they might avail of the services of the ruthless silencing abilities of the present Taoiseach. He has been the subject of much praise from many political commentators for his firmness in dealing with the anti-abortion members of his party. Bishops, please copy. – Yours, etc,


  1. Very pithy. However, we need to stop supporting anti-truth, anti-Carholic, propaganda Media.

  2. I don't think reading them free online constitutes"support".