Monday 16 September 2013

Remember that old separation of Church and State we keep hearing about?

Richie Culhane, Mayor of Drogheda, representing Fine Gael, the Pro-Choice Party
I've been away for a while.  It was for the good of my soul.  As usual Patsy Mc Garry makes me mad enough to come back.  Well Patsy and Iggy and Flannery.

Iggy has been moved from Drogheda.  Every summer thousands of priests in dioceses and religious orders across the globe are moved by their superiors.  The same thing happens with bank officials and civil servants.  In the vast majority of situations they react with docility and move.  It goes with the job.

Iggy of course has to be different and he has to trash the Catholic Church in the process.  Read about it here and here.

Bad enough as Iggy is, worse is the fine Gael Mayor of Drogheda, Richie Culhane.  According to the Irish Independent "At the conclusion of the mass the Mayor of Drogheda, Richie Culhane, addressed the congregation and said he believed Fr Iggy was leaving because, “ultra-conservative elements within the Church have forced the hierarchy to push Iggy further afield and out of Drogheda here.”

Cllr Culhane said: “I hope and pray to God that you are never silenced.”

He received a standing ovation when concluded: “I will call on the hierarchy ‘Give him back to us.”

In another sign of support for Fr Flannery, Fr Iggy presented the Mayor with a copy of Fr Flannery’s book at what may have been his final mass at a Church for some time."

If you feel that the Mayor of Drogheda has abused his position and sought to inferere in an issue which is not the concern of civil authorities then feel free to contact him:

Richie Culhane,
34 Melrose Avenue,
Co Louth.

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  1. "Iggy" is not Catholic. He is anti-Catholic. He has done terrible harm to the Church, to society. I cannot understand how he is allowed to teach in Catholic institutions. As for the FG politician, he is a good follower of "Iggy" and his false religion. An integral part of this "religion" is that the state controls all - and determines the doctrine and practices of the "Church". Well, it's good news for the Catholics of Drogheda, as well as all right-thinking people; however, I suspect he will continue to have his anti-Catholic Media platform for his incoherent, anti-intellectual, anti-God, Marxist doctrine. He is one of the statist elite.