Tuesday 28 May 2013

Overheard in Dublin - James and Rhona

James Reilly, Minister for Health:  "Rhona, please support our abortion legislation, sorry Protection of Life Bill".

Rhona Mahony, Master of National Maternity Hospital:  "I'm not sure, Jim.  It's a bit dodgy.  We don't really need it and all that suicide stuff is nonsense medically.  I don't really want to be killing babies."

James:  "We need your support because them auld fellas are all pro-life and we want a fresh, young and female face to make us look good".

Rhona:  "You're such a charmer, Reilly.  How grateful would you be?"

James:  "Well what do you want?  I'd offer a seat in the Seanad but we're abolishing it and that windbag Crown is already there.  What about a new MRI scanner?"

Rhona:  "What about a new hospital?"

James:  "What?!"

Rhona:  "Here's the plans.  €150 million or thereabouts.  That's my price.  Call me when you're ready."

James:  "Well, you'll have to give us full support on abortion and something else as well".

Rhona:  "We're moving to St Vincent's.  That way we can take out the Sisters of Charity as well;  they won't know what's hit them."

James:  "Anything else?"

Rhona:  "Where can I get my roots done round here?"


  1. The last line was beneath even you.

  2. Lynda, who do you presume is joking, me or the anonymous commentator?