Friday 28 February 2014

Petition to Philippe, the King of the Belgians

Please sign the petition asking the King of the Belgians to do his duty before God and refuse to the sign the law on children's euthanasia.  You need a name and email address. 

Petition is here.  Don't have to be Belgian, but based on text should be European.  The text of petition is below:

Your Majesty:

You are the King of the Belgians and as such committed to your people. You are used to signing every law that has been adopted by the democratically elected Parliament, even if you do not agree with them. However, there are laws that will affect not only Belgium but also Europe in the long term.

This law is unique and it serves as a sign to other countries that it might be permissible to introduce such laws. Please listen to the many voices at home and abroad, warning you of the dangers of this law - your Episcopal Conference and the members of parliaments across Europe who have spoken up clearly against this law.

As concerned citizens of Europe, we write to you to urge you not to sign this bill, even if it will be a challenge for you to defend this decision. Please do not say yes to the most frightening law on euthanasia worldwide.

Listen to your conscience and stand as a monarch with ethical principles. Show yourself worthy of the challenge for which you have been prepared throughout your life.

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