Friday 4 October 2013

Reading the Irish Times is like pulling teeth

Today in The Irish Slimes:

"Think, for a moment, of a person in Ireland who needs a tooth removed. Imagine if they had to plan to travel to England: they had to save money, book flights, book a babysitter, locate a dentist, get directions. Then – all on an empty stomach and in a rush after a procedure – they had to bundle themselves, tired and bleeding, onto their non-transferable flight home. No you can’t imagine it because it is ridiculous. It would be ridiculous to put anyone through such nonsense. Yet women in Ireland must live in that ridiculous world.
I am not equating having an abortion with having a tooth out."

Funny how you can write a whole paragraph comparing going to England for an abortion with going to England to have a tooth removed and then have the neck to declare you're not equating having an abortion with having a tooth out. 

And really, you're not, for in your demented world, having a tooth out is much worse as you're losing something you value.


  1. They are surely parodying pro-abortionists, who would say in their madness that mothers must be provided with the legal and physical facilities to kill their respective babies in utero - so that we must all be made to share in the responsibility of each brutal killing. It is not enough that the individuals who organise and carry out the killings be responsible - no, everyone in the country must have the blood of these innocent, defenceless babies on our hands too.

  2. Wonder would they show a photograph of the baby in the aftermath of the killing ("procedure") since it is something they think our country should not only not prohibit under the criminal law but actually positively provide for - in the name of you, me and everyone. The evil is beyond words. Do a good deed - and don't read that propaganda pamphlet.