Wednesday 17 July 2013

Liberals in panic over abortion case before the High Court

This story has liberals in a tizzy already, not knowing how to report it and whether to support it.  The headline now reads "Man tells court he fears girlfriend being forced into UK abortion".

The previous headline, now gone, was "Man tries to prevent girlfriend going to UK for abortion".

A man has claimed before the High Court that he fears his pregnant girlfriend is being brought by her family to the UK against her will to undergo an abortion.
The man asked the High Court today for injunctions preventing his girlfriend from leaving the jurisdiction for an abortion until it can be ascertained whether she is acting of her own free will.
Ms Justice Mary Laffoy adjourned the case until Friday morning so that the woman can receive legal advice.

It's an interesting case for a whole barrel of reasons, not least the standing granted by the court to bring a case in the first case.  We'll have to wait and see the outcome.

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  1. Presumably the man is the father of the baby. He has a duty to do whatever is in his power to save his child's life, which is in imminent danger. The state also has a duty to vindicate the right to life of that child - let's see if it takes its constitutional duty seriously and acts to protect him from harm - now that it has been formally made aware of the real threat to his innocent and defenceless life. Our Lady of Guadalupe, protect this little baby and his mother from the abortionist's knife.