Thursday 11 April 2013

The utter disdain for the word "Catholic"

I have been following the inquest of Savita Halappanavar to some extent, but really find the coverage so awful - so biased, nuanced, untruthful - that I tend to turn the radio or TV off when it comes on.

One thing really struck me today was the absolute disdain in which the word "Catholic" is held by the powers that be.  The midwife who uttered the word found herself treated as if she'd turned up at the NAACP in a KKK outfit.  She had been explaining the Irish law on abortion to people who were Hindus from India and she dared to mention that the law reflected the fact that most people in the State are Catholic.

The coroner went on a little rant at her expense and how her Catholic remark "went all around the world" even though all public hospitals in Ireland are legally barred from following tenets or dogma of any religious persuasion.

Of course when Galway University Hospital was a workhouse they had no such qualms and required that all foundlings be baptized as Anglicans!

And the coroner, like many pro-choice Catholics, presents Catholic opposition to abortion and support for the unborn as if it were a dogma or a tenet.  It's not - it's a human right based on reason.

Meanwhile we learn that Savita was upset after a scan revealed on the Tuesday morning that her baby’s heart was still beating.  Most mothers in my experience who think they are miscarrying are hopeful to the bitter end that their baby will be all right.

Maybe it's a Catholic thing.


  1. The disdain for human life is demonic. Laws prohibiting the killing of all innocent human beings are based on reason. Of course, morality as espoused by the Catholic Faith is also based on reason.

  2. Reason cannot be used to attribute rights to all post-conception stages of development. There's simply nothing that is an entity or a being about a zygote.